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Monday, October 11, 2010

wow, i'm horrible...

i'm sorry, i just can never remember to update this site.  so yeah, lots of awesome stuff has happened since our last update.  here's what we've been up to. 

we played the town pump in black mountain and witnessed a bar fight as the opening band was midway through their set.  and yeah, it wasn't just any bar fight--it was a truly awesome bar fight between the smallest drunk and the biggest drunk in the bar.  no one was seriously injured in the exchange but i did have some serious stomach cramps from all the laughing we did.   

we had an awesome show at karma with the weathers and then again a couple days later at the handlebar--in the bar area--with the weathers.  we really like these guys a lot.  check them out at:  weather's myspace.  

we did a short interview and performed on "your carolina with jack and kimberly"  that was pretty awesome.  we chose "kelly, can i still rock you?"  as the song for our television debut.  we recorded it at 9:30am and only got one run through.  lol.  it was pretty rough, but no one seems to have noticed.  you can see the video here.   

we were asked back to the handlebar to open for gringo star (from atlanta) in the main concert hall.  it was really awesome.  

finally, we played fall for greenville this past sunday.  it was a huge honor.  two greenville events booked in less than a year of being together is outstanding.  not to mention that we got to play in front our friends and family and their kids--who normally wouldnt be able to attend a bar show--on a day when the weather was as close to perfect as any day we've had in a really long time.  yup, it was awesome.  also at fall for greenville, i got to see rogue wave, deer tick, and jason isbell.  all of which were outstanding.  

alright, coming up...archer vs. gunman returns to rhythm & brews in downtown greer this coming saturday!  it's going to be super awesome.  r&b was where we played our first show and we're really looking forward to it. 

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