Archer vs. Gunman

"Archer vs. Gunman play rock and roll for the misty-eyed dreamer in all of us..." Joe Kendrick, host of WNCW's Music Mix


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"Archer Vs. Gunman play rock and roll for the misty-eyed dreamer in all of us, calling to mind groups like Silkworm and The Hold Steady. It's music for going out on the town with your best girl when that night might be the last night on earth, or the last night of youth, or both."
Joe Kendrick, host of WNCW's Music Mix

"The album (The Last Days of Winter) is underscored by urgency and immediacy...There's also an insistent determination in vocalist/guitarist Shaun Williams' lyrics that recalls both Bruce Springsteen and Arcade Fire.
On first listen the tracks are straight forward rock 'n' roll that only reveal poet's souls on closer inspection.  
Look (and listen) closer to this band.  You won't be disappointed." 
Alli Marshall, music editor for Asheville's Mountain Xpress

"This talented trio of Carolina natives have a physical presence and lyrical poetry that successfully weave indie rock, southern soul, and Americana pop. Their performances seem effortless with songs that sound poppy and carefree upon first listen- but, closer inspection reveals darker, untold tales of love, loss, and life.  Archer vs. Gunman provide us with a thinking man's mountain music. 

The task of music is to make the listener move, think, cry, sing along, feel, dance, or imagine a story... Archer vs. Gunman accomplish this lyric after lyric and performance after performance. What you get from these guys is the sound of a band growing into it's self- when dark sees the light and where wandering ramblers have found a home."
Kristin Isgett, writer for Columbia's Examiner and blogger for Questnvevythng

"Archer vs. Gunman marries erudite, poetic lyrics with a classic indie-rock jangle. (Think: Steve Earle fronting Silkworm.)"
Columbia's FreeTimes

"The Greenville-based trio combines Replacements-style power pop with a bittersweet, roots-flavored brand of Americana that recalls Whiskeytown."
SHOW OF THE WEEK, Spartanburg Herald-Journal

"The holy bar rock trinity Chilton (Big Star), Westerberg (The Replacements) and Finn (Crowded House) permeate this Spartanburg/Asheville trio’s songs like smoke once stunk up the watering holes the music was meant for." 
Shuffle Magazine

"As far as power trios go, these guys deliver. Drummer Andrew Parker drives the song along nimbly with just the right cymbal crashes and hi-hat taps. Bassist Rob Sweet throws some agile bass lines in there that fill the sonic void nicely and really tie in to the overall listen well.  If Bukowski were trying to write a Bruce Springsteen song, it may play something like this."
Wes Gilliam of Radio Somewhere

"Archer vs. Gunman is rip-rollicking experience into pop rock that provides the perfect, intimate snapshot into a night in the life of the wandering soul out on the town. You can’t help but feel like you’re walking into your own little personal soundtrack when they play."
Jamison Smith, host of Sunday Songwriter's Showcase in Spartanburg

"Greenville rockers Archer Vs. Gunman are a breath of fresh air in musical world rife with pretentious scenesters. Though AVG reference several milestone artists in their initial approach (Steve Earle, R.E.M., Wilco), they ultimately come across as an independent and original entity in their presentation and song-craft. There is as much influence of the Zen-like approach of Spiral Stairs as there is Peter Buck’s attention to style and Townes Van Zandt’s introspective strumming. It is a far-reaching understanding of songwriting that goes beyond the confines of americana/alt-country and indie rock, and ultimately makes for compelling listening.

The band is a well assembled, stripped down vehicle, carrying Williams’ songs along with enough creativity to keep them interesting without overshadowing them. Williams’ vocals are a bolt of raw electricity that cuts it’s way through his anthemic guitar work. He delivers his songs with an urgency suggestive of impending doom: you get the feeling that if you, as either the listener or the subject of the song, don’t heed his words, something important will be lost forever. His lines of verse are twisted, poetic jabs and sad laments, intimate conversations between friends and lovers, reminiscences of halcyon days drenched in whiskey and cigarette smoke. Williams delivers these bittersweet tales with the grittiness of Mike Ness, the desperation of Conor Oberst and the tenderness of Sam Beam for what solidifies as world-weary yet optimistic songwriting. One senses that what is presented by Archer Vs. Gunman is just the tip of their musical iceberg."
Rob Patterson- the Ratiofarm 

"I found myself craning my neck around to take in each instrument, because each musician played a unique melody that blended together with ease to create reinvigorating rock music that was more than I thought it would be.  As they ended their set, I was left wondering if this band had been discovered by college radio yet. Their mid-tempo, easy-going melodies and indie-rock friendly vocals seemed as though they would pair perfectly with the college crowd, blaring from dorm rooms on warm Spring days." 
Paul Board- Spartanburg Spark

"Archer vs. Gunman isn't just a rollicking good time in 4/4: the songs may be steeped in boy-meets-girl/boy-loses-girl yearning, but this band wears its poetic heart on its sleeve in a way that never defies its rock 'n' roll credo (or macho name). Glimmers of Ryan Adams, Patti Smith – and, in sweatier moments, a droplet or two of Springsteen and Seger – build a sturdy backdrop for chasing matters of the heart (and the ones who got away)." 
Kristi York Wooten- Pure Pop For Now People 

"Archer vs. Gunman put the alt back in alt-country." 
Matt Wake- Metromix Greenville

"The band's only recording so far is from a studio performance at Clemson University radio station WSBF, but it's an impressive showcase for Archer vs. Gunman's roots-flavored brand of power pop." 
Dan Armonaitis- Spartanburg Herald-Journal

"In a world full of cookie cutting, yellow dye # 5, press easy button, insert young cute boy and auto tune here--too cool for school music--it's nice to know rock and roll still exist. Archer vs. Gunman don't just prove it, they live it. Real, Honest, Pure.  What else can you expect?"
Matt Morgan- Sit-n-Spin Recording Studios