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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


so, the evening muse was awesome despite the fact that we forgot to bring a guitar amp and pedal board.  luckily the muse's main man joe had everything a slack-assed musician would need to put on a show.  you might ask yourself,  how does a band forget to bring a guitar amp to a major show?  i wrongly assumed that the amp and board where at rob's when they were in fact, at andrew's.  yeah, i've been living between places for far too long.  ugh...

coming up will be another show in charlotte at puckett's farm equipment with our buddy bands the ragged orchids and wiggle wagons.  i'm really looking forward to a great night of music and this line up is sure to not disappoint. 

we have an opportunity to play at new brookland tavern in columbia, sc on the 18th of this month as part of their "next big thing" band competition but i'm not sure we're going to be able to make it.  regardless, we're happy and honored to have been the only upstate band chosen to compete. 

erm...what else?  i reckon that that's it for now.  see you guys in the coming weeks! 


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