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Friday, May 28, 2010

...things are happening.

so yeah, lots or really cool things are happening. weve got 15 shows booked for the summer and more to come; weve been working with alex gilson on the mixes of the songs we recorded at the sound kitchen in nashville, tn; weve been invited to play the green earth party music festival in spartanburg, as well as downtown alive, in greenville; were taking pre-orders for logo shirts; weve got urinal decorations, err...bumper stickers with our logo on them that look rad; and were planning on finishing up recording our first album at landslide studios in asheville, nc. this summer is going to be action-packed!

i woke up at 6:30 this morning and couldnt go back to sleep. im too excited about the show at the nu-way in spartanburg tonight. its going to be awesome. so awesome! spartanburg has been so good to us. the scene and more surprisingly, the musicians there, have taken us in as one of their own. it feels really great to be part of a really cool music community. in past bands, rob and me have always been outsiders. you know, we never really went out that much and besides, we didnt really care for any of the bands around town so there was really no reason to go out. you know? but now, theres a lot of local bands that we really dig. we played a show with pharmasutra at an outdoor festival and they were just amazing. we showed up without any equipment and they didnt hesitate to loan us theirs. the ragged orchids are still our favorites and theyre even better now that theyve got zach guttery behind the kit. brandy lindsey and the punch are always good, and the same goes for the antibodies. so yeah, its great to have buddy bands.

also, mad props to zach kelley of "the lighting bugs lair" for doing a great job at dressing up this site. now that it looks cool, i might actually update every once in a while. lol. thanks, zach.


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