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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

"The Last Days of Winter EP"

Hey guys, its done. i think. there are a couple things id want to change with the mix, but i dont know that itd make a discernible difference to anyone but maybe me. it sounds great--big and crushing. so yeah, im spending the week putting together a press pack. no really, were just now putting a press pack together, some 18 booked shows later. lol. anyway, hopefully well be able to get out of town and play some choice opening slots. we recorded the ep at sit-n-spin studios in greenville, live with no click, and with overdubbed vocals. rob really stepped up and put down some great counter-melodies. for those of you that have seen us live, im thinking youll be pleasantly surprised with the difference some background harmonies make for the songs. we just bought a pa, so well begin practicing all the songs with back ground vocals. im pretty excited about that. alright the track listing will go like this

archer vs. gunman- last days of winter
1. kassi
2. art school girl
3. whenever i get close to her
4. in weird dreams (i walk with you)
5. a song for all the girls who cant remember how they got home last night (wsbf live session)
6. oh becca (wsbf live session)
7. girl on the bass guitar (wsbf live session)
8. come on and meet me in the city (wsbf live session)
9. she takes a pretty picture (wsbf live session)
10. theres no girl that can run me out of town (wsbf live session)

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