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Friday, June 3, 2011

new stuff

man, truly, i am the worlds worst blogger.  and yeah, really i have no excuse considering the amount of time i spend on facebook.  ehhh...despite the silence there is much to write about. 

shows:  ive been asked to take part in the summer song series at the spartanburg county library on june 21st.  its an honor considering the talent line-up which includes good friends of mine, john edgerton and kathy kelley.  i look forward to playing out solo/acoustic for the first time since the band got started.  on july 1st, well be headlining our favorite spartanburg bar, the nu-way.  the bill is still up in the air but im certain that the opener will be outstanding.  july 8th, well be playing the typsy/radio room in greenville in celebration of kristin johnstons 30th birthday.  this will be the third year in a row ive played the venue for kristins birthday and i have a feeling that its going to be the best yet. 

recording:  weve chosen a producer, a studio, 12 songs and were close to picking a date and a name.  also, well be joined by wilson warren and a fifth musician.  scandalous.

the band:  im overjoyed to announce that rob sweet has a little sweet on the way!  hell be taking mid august through september off from the band for daddy duties.  

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