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Friday, April 1, 2011



Dear Supporters,

I didn’t sleep last night, as my heart was heavy with hope and fear. Writing this letter has weighed on my mind for some time now. The last several months have been hard on us as a band and it has taken a great toll on us individually. What we’d hoped was just a spell of winter discontent; has now blossomed with the season. We can no longer continue as Archer vs. Gunman. We stand at a creative crossroads and we have no other choice but to embrace the change that has collectively confounded us. For Rob Sweet, Andrew Parker and myself, Shaun Williams, Archer vs. Gunman has become a creative prison and we can no longer confine our artistic vision to “music.” I close my eyes and it’s late October 2009. Andrew Parker has just finished his first audition. Now, looking back, I can see the irony written in black felt tip marker. I can see the foreshadowing as I hand Andrew a mix tape entitled Indeed, it Was Reckless Infatuation That Led us Down This Dark and Narrowing Path. For us, music is too musical. We need unstructured racket, cacophony and concertina wire!

Moving forward, I am overjoyed to announce that our last show under the guise of Archer vs. Gunman, will be consecrated Wednesday, April 27th at Fatso’s with Mike Herrera of MxPx and Louis Defabrizio of Gasoline Heart. Our name, our songs, and the sound we’ve constructed will be retired. Our instruments will be sold and all band funds will be put towards procuring a school bus that will be converted into a mobile intonarumori to be christened The Doomsday March. From there on, we will tour the country as musical anchorites known as Dogman’s Hot Pants and THE CUSTOM BUILT ROOMS TO FIT ANY RUG. As our goal is to become the world’s biggest band, we will convert 4,111 members and form a convoy of sorts, bringing our anti-music ethos to all our stops on the way to greater consciousness.

Ask yourself, what does the future sound like? Ask yourself, what is the noise that universally keeps us awake? Ask yourself, what is the splinter in our mind’s ear? Ask yourself, what does the future sound like for Dogman’s Hot Pants and THE CUSTOM BUILT ROOMS TO FIT ANY RUG? It is that of the clacking keys of a prewar typewriter, a coffee bean grinder loaded with Copperhead BBs, God’s voice in the static of an antique AM radio stuck between two signals, field recordings of mating badgers, the beat of a mosquito’s heart amplified through a bullhorn, a chorus chanting dirty limericks, the cries of 1,009 Nukacs (Polish street vendors) and above all else: dissonance. Friends, c’mon! C’mon! C’mon! Join us!

Yours forevermore in chaos,

Doctor DJ Jameson Wolf (AKA Deejay Dr. Gravy Bear)

The Guitarist Formerly Known as Shaun Williams

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