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Monday, February 22, 2010

...indeed, it was a reckless infatuation that led me down this dark and narrowing path.

so, both of fridays shows, my acoustic show at coffee underground and the bands show at typsy, ended up being awesome. and really, why wouldnt they have been awesome? it was a nice primer for the three shows coming up this weekend.

friday, well be at gumbys in greenville playing with a band named so called star. theyre also from greenville and outstanding, imho. you can check them out here: the show well start around 9pm and well take the stage (err...corner) at around 10pm and it will be $5 at the door.

saturday, well be at ground zero in spartanburg playing with greenvilles, heart machine. these guys are an exciting and fantastic three-piece that sound like a mix of southern culture on the skids and the buzzcocks. well, to my ears anyway. you can find their music here: the show starts at 9pm and again, well be going on around 10pm with a $5 cover at the door.

the weekend ends with a free acoustic show at sunday songwriters showcase at sonnys pizza in spartanburg. i love this venue! the open forum that sonnys owners and host jamison smith have crafted with this music series has contributed to the upstates singer/songwriter community in a way that is immeasurable. its a weekly open mic night with a hour long spot for a featured artist. consecutively, week after week, its one of the best and most enjoyable nights of music youll find in the upstate. and oh yeah (!), jamison is one of the nicest guys youll ever meet. for serious, the dude is a saint. and the fact that hes just as talented as he is nice, makes me want to pawn all my gear and become an old curmudgeon on a hill with a fenced yard far away society. lol. check them out at:

alright, thats all for now. i hope to see everybody out this weekend! s.

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